SCANDIC FOODS ASIA is the largest general importer of Nordic food products in China. We have imported foods to China since 2009 and represent over 30 brands selling through a network of about 200 regional distributors in basically every Chinese province.

China is now the largest food import market in the world. With 20% of the world’s population but only 7 % of the worlds arable land China will always be a net food importer. Since 2008 the government has stimulated consumer spending and promotes consumption of imported foods.

Our customer focus is the new middle/upper-class in China, a fast growing customer group with a growing demand for imported high quality food products. Scandinavia has got a good reputation in China and with growing wealth the curiosity of foreign products and the health, safety and status attributes associated with consuming imported foods makes this an attractive market for years to come. Brand building in this segment is a stepping stone for expanding into the mass market which has totally different demands on volume, price and distribution.

Food import in China is a heavily regulated market. We have built up a portfolio of licenses and experience of different categories.
We have invested in own operations for on-line and offline distribution as well as an on-line marketing team.

China has a separation between importers and regional distributors. We are mainly an importer and sell though regional distributor partners. We have selected direct channels we manage ourselves including IKEA, Carrefour, OLE and a number of trend setting high end supermarkets. These channels gives us a possibility to place products for test marketing and proof of concept before we bring them into the distributor network.

Scandic Foods Asia has developed a solid supplier network consisting of some of the Nordics most well-known brands, including Orkla foods; Scandinavia's largest consumer goods conglomerate, Findus, Europe’s largest frozen food supplier and Spendrups, Swedens largest brewery. We have also many small and mid-sized suppliers.

We are interested in cooperation with new suppliers that fit our business model and understand that a market entry in China means a long term commitment with need to build branding.